COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the economy and is causing business owners to have to make important real estate decisions on the fly as conditions change with little or no warning. When it comes to commercial real estate, an established good relationship with a tenant representative makes dealing with sudden changes like COVID-19 a lot easier.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Nando’s Mexican Restaurants was in the middle of negotiations for commercial space – not a position that anybody wants to be in such uncertain times. Fortunately, Nando’s was working with EIR, which was able to immediately step in and negotiate favorable terms that allowed Nando’s breathing room during the global pandemic.

“We retained EIR in 2019 to negotiate a commercial real estate transaction.  Then we were hit with a global pandemic and as multiple location operator survival mode was job one.  Brett & his team reached out immediately to offer assistance in this daunting & uncertain environment.  EIR began successful negotiations with all our Landlords which provided us the financial resources to survive and thrive during the Global Pandemic”


Sean Whalen 

Owner / Operator
Nandos Mexican Cafe
4 East Valley Locations