I’m writing to thank you and EIR for our recent office lease negotiation. While this past year’s pandemic shifted a significant portion of our country’s workforce to a remote work-from-home model, our company was no different. We quickly shifted to such a model and left our 4500sf class A office in mothballs. And while the timing of our current lease term was approaching you advised a strategy that renewing early with the existing landlord whose broker was seemingly tone deaf to a rapidly changing office market was not in our interest. This was after a 12-year tenancy in the Camelback corridor. You understood our company’s preferences and requirements and arranged tours at convenient times of suitable properties. After showing me nearly a dozen opportunities we selected the top two options and you skillfully managed the two competing brokers into offering the very best deals.

Brett, after just a few weeks of negotiating two competing LOI’s, we settled on a deal that will save our company over $6500 monthly compared to the current landlord’s best offer. And by rightsizing our space to a very manageable 3000sf, we will operate much more efficiently while our company enjoys nearly $500,000 in rent savings over the next six years. I cannot thank you enough!